Saturday, May 1, 2010



i had the most amazing dream about dying. a maruti 800 stretch limo with prashant kaka,renu9ma cousin) akshay kumar , katrina kaif, asha maushi and our driver mahesh driving the car....ohh and my little cousins prutha and narayni. we were discussing with akshay kumar his last film....and i was telling how he could have made it better....what was completely stupid about the film....and renu kept tugging me and asking me to shutup. the scene was pretty hilerious as all of us were sitting all cramped top it all up mahesh was driving furiously fast.....and usually if u knew my family you could have imagined the utter chaos that was going on....the kids aunt arguing ...kaka trying to calm everyone....and me and renu on some other tangent....katrina was quite....and akshay chatted with us all.....the car was moving along the sea link.....shifting lanes hitting on the divider from time to time...and then suddenly we couldnt feel the earth under us.....we felt free for those 5 secs before we all realised that we were off the bridge and on our way to the sea....thats when the frame froze and i got up with that fear of falling...i should have been frightened probably but it put a smile on my face.....and i tried to back to sleep hoping to continue the dream.....

when i got up at 8am.....i was franticlly doing my last minute packing....chatting with my mom and friends on the net....i didnt feel like leaving and also felt like leaving....i wanted to be able to talk to my friends n mum and also still be able to go for the horse riding....i finally stepped out at 8:40 am.....

after all the formalities with the team....: a father and daughter couple, and two men....all argentina nationals......we left mendoza at 10 am and onto the highway...and the through the mountains.... we drove all the way to the last check post on the argentina - chile border....we were going to ride all the way to santiago through the mountains and was a way that an argentinan had used for war when argentina chile and peru were given independance- Saint Martin

we had lunch at this check post....some ham and bread.....and for some reason i felt so dizzy....i was about to faint probably....i threw up everything.....but i felt pretty good once i was o the horse.... i then also realised that i left my camera battery in the stuff that i left this trip no pics for me....but i will be absorbibg all the beauty i was beautiful, the rocky terrain....the clouds that continuously changed patterns like a fast forward film of slow movingf clouds..on one side....and a clear blue sky on the other...there was a cool breeze and the sun was shinning brightly.....the whole time that we rode our horses ...the cowboys yelled and whistled and the horses joined them and neighed all the way.....we trotted for two hours....upwards and then downward.....through water and then through fields......the movement of my body synchronised with the galloping of the horse .....the rhythm i made with nature ....the soud of his steps....with my beating heart and the whistling of the wind and the sound of the whip making circles in the was my very ow fairy tale....


dinner last night took very very long.....we all had sat down at the table at 6pm.....but they started putting all the meat on the babeque only around 8:30pm.....and it was ready to eat by 11pm......i did enjoy the wine during that time....dark red wine....that was just the best wine i have had....i was near the barbeque helping turn the beef,pork, sausages onions, capsicums and brinjals....i tried a little bit of everything....with olive oil and vineger.....and i added to my plate very handsomely loads of 'aji' (ahi)- chilly was a good diinner.....followed by a good nights rained earlier in the night thus making it chillier.....but it became warmer later on....

i was out of my tent all packed up again at 8 am....we had some breakfast and began loading the mules...and were ready to get on our horses.....but it took really long for all the mules to get loaded...we finally strted riding at about 10:30 am.....we rode through the we dint ride them....we merely sat on them and they walked....we finally came up to a bowl....of mountains.....and we were in the centre of the bowl....far away on the horizon we could see a 'V'....tht was the pass we were going to ride was abot 4423 meters....after a while...the snow started.....and the horse would go deep into the snow....and we were all moving up and down like ping pong balls....the days were much longer than the the venings seemed like they would never really horse that day was really on fire.....he probably read my mind....i was getting so bored of walking so slowly....eventually i think even he was irritated and just stopped obeying....which i was very happy with....he just started running.....and i just pretended like i was trying and that he wasnt listening....and rode off far away....i had left the grop way behind.....i did feel a little guilty.....but i loved that feeling of my hair flying in the air.....and i was riding into the sunset....

we reached around 6 an old house....actually it was a 2 storied sturcture....with room with iorn beds, a kitchen and a dining and dorm showers. the "Hut" system available for hikers was quite spooky actually....broken mirrors,doors that dint shut....and creaked....spider webs everywhere....and those beds.....they were straight out of the mental asylum....the ones that they chain the paitients to.....

that night no one was hungry....the father daughter pair had decided to sleep out in the tent.....the rest of them sat and drank and laughed in the dining.....i alone went up to the second body hurt from the riding but i felt strong....
i fell asleep instantly....with the background score of the whistling wind and the creaking windows....


  1. want to read even more..Horse riding in the mountains sounds fabulous. \m/

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