Friday, January 1, 2010

the chilllly affair.....

well antarctica..check..vinson massif..check..antartic storm..check..penguins..check..presents..check..planning next peak..check....

so im off from punta santiago.....and then a bus to mendoza in argentina....

i couldnt join the expedition starting on the 4th and i had a whole week before the i signed up for...HORSE RIDING THROUGH THE ANDES....for a week...willl go to the height of about 4500mtrs...riding....i cant wait to begin with that...

have always dreamt of buying a horse...maybe i will learn how to take care of them and ride them well...for a whole will be great....and good acclamatization...

and then a expedition to south americas highest peak...MT:ACONCAGUA....6960 is the highest in the world if you leave the himalayas...its got the cold antartctic winds blowing away on technanically.. i must have left the antarctic....but it hasnt completely left me yet....


  1. happy you are getting to do what you wanted to.....good luck from all of us in take care of yourself and people around you.....don't want more let us know how it went.....

  2. i meant the horse riding course....heheheehe
    best of luck for the aconcagua expedition......let me know the new number toooooo

  3. ग्रेट आहेस तू कृष्णा ... खरच .. आपल्याला जे करावेसे वाटते ते प्रत्येकाला करायला मिळतेच असे नाही... तू ते यशस्वीरित्या पार पड़ते आहेस ... एक निसर्गप्रेमी म्हणुन ... गिर्यारोहक म्हणुन मला खुप आनंद आहे त्याचा. MT:ACONCAGUA....6960 mtrs ला जायचे गेल्या १ वर्षापासून ठरवतोय ... पण अजून योग आलेला नाही.. तूला शुभेच्छा ... :)

  4. hey shonu where are you????how was your horseriding expedition???i hope you are fine and healthy.......from yesterday y you not on net still????i hope nothing to worry.....?

  5. how u doing krushnaa???...long time no hear from you.....i hope alls fine with u......miss u everyday.....u take care of urself n all around u a lot.....

  6. Hi. Congratulations. Came to this blog while I was looking for material on you to frame a quiz question on you. Ended up using an excerpt from your 'the after effects' post.
    By the way my 3.5 years old daughter hero(ine) worships you.
    Take care and all the best.


  7. Hi Krushnaa,
    Congratulations for Vinson ascent!

    I think, From the blog I understand that She would start climbing from 11th Jan (considering that she missed the Jan 4th date and start climbing after a week) towards Base camp(Plaza Mulas 4300m); If that's true then she will be at Aconcagua base camp, Plaza De Mulas at 4300m. I think she must have go for an acclimatization hike up to Campo Canada or Nido Condores camp 5300m;

    Ranjana mam,
    I know about the mountain and Krushnaa. Krushnaa is strong both mentally and physically. I think she will be able to handle things in Argentina and nothing to worry. She might mail you people from Plaza Mulas camp4300m which is a bit expense to use that facility at that altitude.

    Krushnaa: Wish you all the best with the climb and you enjoy the views of Pacific from the flanks of the mountain from Berlin camp 5890m.

    - Malli Mastan
    (Another Fan of Krushnaa Patil's climbs)

  8. how u must be; me feel worried.....i hope you climb safely and summit n come back home soon....v miss u a lot.....take care......have not heard u for soooo long.........miss talking to u...u take care n come back sooon......

  9. good day Malliji....thank you.....i know she will do it but just feel worried when i donot hear her........have good new year.....