Monday, July 27, 2009


should we sail through life....or should we stir as we go ahead.....leve just agush of bubbly waterafter us or leave a a kid my grandad would tell me stories of the british times and shivaji's times.....n then i would go to sleep wishing and imagining that i was i grew up and studied these subjects i actually wished i was there in those times so even i could be a part of the something for our country.....but today as i discussed with an aunt about where we all stood today....i realised we hve bigger problems.....we as a world need a revolution today.....with weather....the most ways to protect it....and just me or just 500 people cant really make a needs to be a revolution.....apparently 20 years ago someone invented a car run by water....but the petroleum companies crushed it......if it is true....i wonder what the guys who crushed it are gona do with their money once they dont find water to drink!! That invention would have got about such a change in economics,politics,environment,standard of living....etc etc....but it got it true that good things are always tougher than the bad.....why does god test the good ones instead of the wrong ones.....and how true is that 'finally' the truth comes out.....n who decides that 'this' is 'finally'!!!


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  1. Your blog makes very good reading. In a limited way I could have written some of this based on the expeditions I had been in the Garwal, Chamba and other areas.
    I beleive you could be a good writer like the guy who wrote 3 idiots and was a resounding success. Of course you try to hide your person in the narration,just try otherewise and see how it comes out.
    Rth Kumar