Monday, April 13, 2009

now at namche and moving ahead

so its been "oh such a roller coaster ride" from NIM to meaning to say namche bazaar.I landed in kathmandu on the 9th of was just a 90 min flight...kathmandu feels the same like india....though the cars here reallly rock....i made a tiny dream in my mind to come here and buy a car...maybe like a second hand....its all the SUVs i have dreamt off...the land rovers,the cruisers...and moodels we havnt even seen in india...
anyways...the first thing i had to do was the shopping...cause even if i had come to nepal to climb mount everest i dint have even the smallest of the equipment...nothing at all...not a carabiner...nor a sleeping bag...
so after dumping our stuff at the hotel me and mom rushed to the bank first...and the clearing of the money took exactly 5 hrs 34mins and 44 secs...and trust me that is a long we actually ended up at the shop by 3...and after that its all hazzy...cause the thought of having MY OWN EQUIPMENT was making me a little dizzy...and to add to that the sparkling equipment was blinding me.....
well today i was planning to only decide on all the equipment see which item fits into my budget and the following day i picked up all of it
that was the most exciting on the 10th when i came back to the hotel with all my equipment i nicely packed it up in the duffle bags keeping each one with a lot of care...reading the instructions and obbssesing with mom was fedup of seeing all of it....
so basically i had the 11th to shop for toiletries....though we had finished all our nepali we had to wait untill 2 to get it coz sturday is off in nepal...

now i had this brilliant idea...that if i braid my hair....i wouldnt have to worry\manage\take care etc etc of my hair.... cutting was not an option as certain people would have been unhappy....and i dint wana give them anymore reason to be a little off....anyways so after goin and picking up some last equipment by 3:45 i went to a parlour and sat there till 6:15 braiding my hair......quite happy with myself...i left for some shopping of items like woolen socks,gloves,caps...and sandles and batteries ...t-shirts etc etc....

most of the shops were shut or in the process of with a big fat bag on my back and mom totally freaking out i was running from one shop to another....iit was helerious i though if someone was looking at the scene as an outsider....anyway...after running for a while...i realised that i had seen a 24hr shop....which i found and could do some quite this time i was developing a terrible headache...and for sometime i thought it was the acclamatization that had gone wrong....we managed to reach the hotel with loads of bags....which we were counting at every transsition in the fear of losing one....
back in our room i still had to do my personal packing...and so all these bags were emptied and packed again....etc 12 my head had given up...but thankfully the packing was done....we then had our food.....and my headache had developed a ringing in my was the braiding that had got me the headache...and i had thought that if i keep it eor a while longer i will get used to it and the ache would stop....but it wasnt....and so from 12:30 to about 1:30 me and mom sat removing all the was sucha painful process....well something always has to go wrong and so it did....

my flight from kathmandu to lukla was at 6:30am on the 12th of march....i landed at lukla at 7 and astarted my trek at 7:55 to phakding after having some coffee at a cafe where i was given an orange blessing thread by the owner....she was very sweet.....we reached phakding by was an easy was down hill...and preety....just like the indian himalayas.....

it was time for one more funny folly....i have the most amazinglly burnt face as i did my search and rescue course at NIM and had decided to not use any sunscreen to just know what exactly happens if u dont use it....and well i can say i before starting this trek i generouslly apllied sunscreen making it a thick layer....only to be getting funny expressions through out the trek as we happened to be walking on that side of the mountain that the rays dint touch till we reached phakding.....though it was a bright sunny hot day...


  1. ...looks like a great start! Maiden blog on the everest expedition, cannot get better!

    Keep filling this space.. eagerly waiting to explore everest through your senses! :) (at least I am )

    Btw! Funny anecdotes, funny incidents need to be attested by funny pics :D
    and I'll vouch for the fact that it cannot get funny without a "hair" incident :D

    P.S. - did I tell ya that Im proud of ya ;-)

    Wish you the ever-best of luck!

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  3. Only you could think up getting braided before climbing!! Heee heee !! awesome. need some pics pls.

    BTW.. burnt face....ever tried chewing gum? heeeee heeee!

    Hey Krush, totally proud of you. am counting down to summit and return. Hugs to you!!

  4. ROFL@ chewing gum! I'm sure you're carryin dzens of them.. Oh! wait a min! U dont need to carry it.. u can use.... Har! Har!

  5. yes im carrying some gum but its not mainly to chew on....hehehee

  6. Very Nice and Keep it up..........Wish you all the best for your further movement.......


  7. Hi Krushnaa, I am from amchi pune.. I read your blog and it was the most interesting read ever in my life. Superb..I wish you all the best and a safe return home. Take care..

  8. hi Krushna,
    Got the news this morning of your successful climb all newspapers have it. feels great, heartist congrats. Its a superb feat.. All the very best for you down hill journey. God Bless.

    Om Apte (Pune)

  9. Congrats saw pune mirror today.. congrats on ur successful climb.. you have made pune proud!

  10. All the best Krish !!! A wonderfull job done !
    We are proud of you and I salute to the courage you are having and and I wish all the Maharashtrian girls can learna lot from you.Specially I will tell my daughter when she will grown up that she should be having courage like you.Thanks !!!

  11. Congratulations!!! You have made India proud.
    Where did u take your initial mountaineering courses I would like to contact u.Wish u all the best

  12. Got to know about this blog just today. I learnt about you only when it appeared in Pune newspapers about your conquer of Everest. And then I searched the web many times to find it. Finally I got the link from Milind Dhamdhere.

    Well I have been to Everest Base Camp in 2007. As I start reading your blog, I will re-experience my journey till Base Camp and then pseudo experience when I read about your journey onwards and back.

  13. Well, I had also prepared a blog about my trek to Kalapatthar and EBC in 2007.